Community Projects Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Art Classes Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan

Genesis guests and volunteers have shared a range of skills including plumbing and electrical repairs, English language, basic first aid and theatre games. They have taught classes in making  jewelry, clay pots, simple furniture, bread and mosaics. They've exchanged songs in their native language and simple gifts of friendship.


Being Ourselves...with Each Other

Our philosophy at Genesis is based on principles of economic, social and political equality rather than those of charity, gifting or philanthropy. We are a bridge between locals and diverse non-governmental, faith based and secular organizations, private interests, and social justice societies.


Genesis also attracts a diversity of professionals including veterinarians, climatologists, water experts, engineers and many with medical and paramedical expertise who are willing to share.  Overwhelmingly, our guests are caring, respectful, generous, curious, aware, well travelled, humanitarian and open-minded. Integration with the community occurs easily, on an equal footing. Through interactive tours and intercultural exchanges, we promote local skills and the gift of friendships and partnerships

Classes at Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan

We provide stable and meaningful employment which allows workers to stay in the community instead of leaving for jobs at Cancun resorts. We provide on the job training for those who have not been able to finish high school or even elementary school. For 8 years we have worked with the "Dream" social justice and literacy program and hosted cultural exchanges for Catholic, Indigenous, Mormon and Evangelical youth.  Ninos y Crias has trained youth naturalists here. Sierra Club and  Four Winds Shamanic groups have visited as well as womens' activist groups. This year we hosted for the first time the University of Cincinnatti field studies for International Water Justice. We were particularly thrilled to host an intercultural exchange between Atikamekw First Nations Canadians and local Maya families.

Community Service Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Community Service Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Community Service Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan

In some indigenous communities Santa is just a weird old guy in a red suit. But one group of guests from Holland, Canada and the United Kingdom pulled together to create a Christmas morning for local kids and Santa (a guest) became more of an ambassador than a becon of commercialism.