Life in Abundance at Genesis

Do you know a child who wants to bring home every baby bird, turtle, dog, or caterpillar she finds? Try the refrain my mom always used: "When you grow up you can have as many animals as you want." Guess what? I now have a unique little retreat in which guests, if they choose, can feed the chicks and laying hens, observe a squad of 5 ducks and geese as they comb the garden for pests, or find the rabbit under a fern. "My son is always asking for a dog but it is impossible for us," said one guest. "But his face lit up when Flaco came to greet us at the door. And he connected in such a sweet way with the 2 legged dog...didn´t even ask for the wifi code!" Genesis isn´t just about domestic animals. An array of wild birds, even a flock of parrots, visit the property. Frogs, geckos, butterflies and colorful moths are visible most of the year and fireflies emerge in October. It´s life in abundance here at Genesis.

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