Sol, Family Unit: Your Own Maya Temple

Sol is designed to pique a sense of adventure and imagination for kids 6-10 but works for the whole family. There are two single beds downstairs and a small single bed/sofa plus a king size bed, upstairs.  Like all our units, Sol has a private outdoor shower and a filtration bed for greywater reuse. The toilet, although part of a wet compost system, appears like a conventional flush toilet.  Sol is partially open to the sounds and colors of the garden and fronts onto the swimming pool behind a screen of greenery.  Although mosquitos are relatively scarce, especially during dry season, mosquito nets are available. The high, thatch roof, with the help of fans and open areas, keep this room naturally comfortable.   The entry to Sol is a steep stone stair meant to capture the feeling of ascending an ancient temple.  The garden approach uses native plants and blocks of ruins (found on site) to reproduce the appearance of an unexcavated ruin.