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Hidden Places


With a bike and a map you can experience the real character of the land. Paved secondary roads lead to well-worn farmers’ trails and natural, ancient, and supernatural sites.  Most destinations are no more than 15 kms on pavement and hard-pack trail. Guides are available. We have limited rental bikes and advance registration is suggested.

Habeneros and Watermelon


Formerly a small village centered around a cenote, all that remains of Yo’oh Dzil (Vine growing on water) is the scant remains of cabanas, fruit trees and a cenote from which local farmers  draw water. You may want to stop at the farm of Don Solis to sample whatever is in season, from chili to watermelon.

Map or guide available. Easy 15 km, hard-pack road and trail. No traffic. 3-4 hours return trip. See Tours & Activities.

ReGenesis Conservation Area


In 2008, Genesis acquired a nearby ranch with the intention of rehabilitating areas damaged by cattle, preserving old growth for wildlife and cultivating small areas for organic produce for our farm-to-restaurant project. Let us know if you would like to explore the conservation area and farm. Visitors are welcome to join us on regular harvests of wild or farmed foods.

Cycle Tour| Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Cycle Tour Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan