Our Garden Guestbook

Even before the sun rises the roosters signal the beginning of a new day. This sound is an elemental feature of rural life.  Later, as the sun peers above the horizon, one bird song after another is added to the morning chorus. And the world comes to life. Dragon flies, frogs and fish, which live in and around our mosquito-control ponds go to work with their first meal of insects and mosquito larvae.  This is a healthy ecosystem. 

“ Quite a discovery! I will never forget waking up here in the midst of bird song and cocks crowing: sheer magic for a city girl like me.” Patricia Antwerp, Belgium

Our climate permits an abundance of life on one acre here, especially during rainy season. Starting in June, the landscape is enlivened with pollinators upon which our fruiting plants and trees depend. The fruit of the nopal cactus (left), though seedy, is sweet and nutritions. The pads can be skinned, chopped and used as a vegetable. In our garden, tiny coconuts (right) start their year-long journeys to becoming refreshing glasses of coconut water. 

“The gardens, ruins, pueblo, dogs, cats, birds, the fantastic pool, the food and especially the people. I loved it all. Thanks for sharing your oasis.”  Jude Van Isle, USA

“I've found beauty, harmony and peace in your lovely sanctuary. A part of me will always be here. Thanks also for the creative, delicious food."  

Ana, USA

The central garden provides a balance between indigenous plants and trees, those which attract and feed bees and birds,  those which produce food and medicine and those prized for their beauty and fragrance.

“Thank you for making this marvelous paradise to escape the urban rush. This place is next to paradise. We will be back.”

Carmen, “Sabores” restaurant, Cozumel.

"A wonderful 2 days spent in peaceful tranquility and amidst new friends." Don Phillips, Vancouver


"I feel blessed to have found such a jewel in the Yucatan." 

Roxanne Lind, Saskatoon

“Just like the Mexico I remember from 40 years ago: magical garden, buying directly from families who make the art, and ruins one can actually sit on and ‘feel’.” Steve and Winn Crestone, Colorado, USA.

“We came for 4 nights and stayed for 7. What a special place and we feel lucky to have found you. The pueblo is very special, the people wonderful and we enjoyed the visits to their homes and the uncrowded ruins of Ek Balam.”

Phyllis Wiseman, Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Thank you for sharing your world with us. We loved the sunrise over the masses of flowering vines, the cacophony of sounds of nature and surrounding village, breakfast with the parrots, margaritas and relaxing Spanish music, candlelight dinners under the stars, stimulating conversations with visitors from around the world, seeking oneness with nature, cultures, self, God-- the welcoming smiles of village children.” Mary Jane and Randy Moynahan, Ontario, Canada

“Our family met here for a week and it was like time stood still. We loved the breezes in the hammock, the birds, the motmots, Ek Balam and the ruins. The town has the unique sounds of Yucatan”. The Stemples, USA

"...a healing oasis in the final stage of my Mexico trip. I’ve learned more here in 2 days than my previous 12 in the ‘usual’ vacation spots”

Dean Shortt, Kingston, Canada


“Coming to your small heaven I found peace and inspiration.”

Lotem Gaziel, Israel

Thanks for a marvelous atmosphere, very welcoming in the middle of real nature and between the cultures.” Steph & Todd, Stockholm Sweden

An amazing relaxing atmosphere, beautiful rooms. I don’t imagine we will stay anywhere quite so unique.

Lindsey Patrick, Yorkshire England.

We enjoyed your parrots wake up call this morning. Ek balam is charming.These 2 city slickers had a great time and appreciated nature a little more during our stay. Thanks for the great food and service.

Milena and Barnay from NYC

"We had an amazing honeymoon here. The food was great, the company even better and we loved the animals too! We are very happy to have spent time in this comfortable place filled with the local culture. Weve picked up some great info while weve been here, local history, customs, traditions, in addition to great recommendations for our daily adventures. Our experiences here have been invaluable.

Holly and Tim Sandefer, St Paul, Minnesota.


We had a wonderful stay... We truly felt like guests in a little Eden. The birds and dogs were wonderful company too. Thank you for providing us with a little peace in our lives.

Jim and Trudy Keller, Chicago, Illinois

"Truly an oasis. Thank you for giving us a chance to see a bit of Maya culture and making this wonderful place affordable." 

Sam and Andrea, California.

“Thanks so much for the jungle adventure, the great times and great food. Love the acoustics in your sweat lodge. Kind staff.  My son enjoyed the birds especially teaching the parrot some new words. Thank you for your imagination and devotion in creating a beautiful place.”

Julie Remington, St. Paul MN.

"...a fantastic introduction the the Yucatan, especially the Mayan culture. Much needed relief from Cancun. I loved this place and will be sure to recommend it."  Lucy Elmes, Yorkshire, UK

A wonderful introduction to rural Mexican lifestyle in an enchanting environment. We are most grateful.  Graham Lane, Marlene Framses, Merida, Yucatan

"We did not know this place, but a 'magic' hand brought us here and now we don’t want to leave. We will come back! Roland and Paola Oliveri, Pasadena CA


Later today I’ll be flying to NYC and home to NJ. It is my 10th day and feels like its been 3 weeks. I’m so relaxed and the people have been great. Holbox and Ek Balam provided some wonderful memories.

Richard Roth, Verona NJ


"Magic and healing meet with intention in this beautiful spot. Thanks for your gift of beauty."  Kate Poole, PEI, Canada