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Artisan's Village Tour

A Slice of Life

This is a precious opportunity to be invited into Maya homes, not as a passive observer, but as a participant. You will grind corn on an ancient metate and make tortillas with our neighbour, Guadalupe. Tomasa will show you how she embroideries exquisite traditional dresses, and three generations of hammock weavers will have you weaving, hanging and laying in a hammock—like a pro!  Proceeds are shared with our star tortilla maker and we encourage guests to buy directly from the other talented craftswomen.  We also learn why traditional lifestyles are generally ecologically sound and what the Maya can teach us about living more simply. 

Experience village life with some of our recommended self-guided activities. We'll help you set them up.  

Go on a 2 hour Artisans tour.  Our Maya friends in the village are happy to share their way of life with you. Reserve on arrival. Cost: suggested donation of $10 US pp (paid directly to the Artisans).

Artisan's Tour|Village Tour Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Artisan Tour Ek Balam Genesis Eco Hotel Yucatan
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