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Colonial Influences

Valladolid: The Magical City


Valladolid, in spite of its Spanish name and architectural influences, has deep Pre-Columbian roots. In fact, the foundation of the city's municipal buildings owe to the stone blocks appropriated from the original Mayan city, "Zaci".  The Maya, Franciscans, Spanish colonists, revolutionaries, hacienda owners and visitors from around the world have shaped this small, friendly city.


On Sundays, join this the cultural mix in the central zocalo as families from surrounding villages, in embroidered dresses and Sunday best, congregate to shop, attend church, visit, flirt and gossip. There are often free exhibitions of the Jarana, a Maya-Spanish-Mexican folk dance. 



Explore the city's tumultuous, revolutionary past using our free self-guiding tour from the municipal gallery to the Franciscan monastery.

Valladolid Tour Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Tour Valladolid Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Valladolid Tour Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan