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Lard is Healthy!
Chosing Meat Wisely
Chosing Meat Wisely

Some people have never savored a real, field-grown strawberry or savored the difference between free range eggs and those laying factories. Cheap mass produced food has hidden costs, not only in lost taste, but also in diminishment of food's restorative properties and the quality of our environment. Industrialized food production reduces life forms to commodities instead of precious resources we nurture to abundance and harvest with gratitudes.


Heritage Pork - Pasture Raised

Delivery charge secures your order and will vary depending on location. Contact us  before for details and qualifications for free delivery.

PRODUCT                                     price per kilo/pesos

RIBS/Costillas                                         $80

LOIN/Loma                                                $110 (2)

Shoulder                                                     $90

1/4, 1/2 or whole dressed pork           $45