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Lard is Healthy!
Chosing Meat Wisely
Chosing Meat Wisely

Marinades are the essence of Maya Cooking

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Each Package contains 4 servings of greens-fed heritage Maya pork, thinly sliced and marinated in exquisite combinations of fresh ingredients. Marinates while thawing in your refrigerator 5-8 hours. When completely thawed, just roast, grill, pan-fry or barbecue. Serves 4 @ 70 pesos/serving

PRODUCT                                                                       price per kilo/pesos-

Fiesta Mexicana                                             $300

This exciting tequila-lime marinade dances on your tongue!

Suavamente                                                    $300

Pineapple are the dominant flavors with honey, garlic, soya sauce and chili producing a memorable sweet and spicy flavor.

Conchinita Pibil                                             $300

The regional flavor of Yucatan. Traditional hand blended Maya “Ricados” combine with sour orange, garlic, onion, pepper, clove, achiote, oregano and salt for a lively flavor

Poc Chuc                                                        $300

Inspired by the traditional dish, Poc Chuc, this simple marinade showcases the natural flavor, texture and rich color of Box Keken. leaving a Firm, juicy and peppery.

Asian Marinade                                             $300

Fresh pineapple juice with clove, cinnamon, anise, fennel, pepper and olive oil makes this a perfect comfort food with a sweet/sour impression.


Ay! Ay!                                                            $300

Culinary Artist, Nelson Ay presents his special marinade featuring fresh pineapple and garlic as the dominant flavors with onion, pepper and laurel.