Rio Lagartos Bio-Reserve

Home to 20+ Endangered Species


Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve has the highest level of ecological protection in Mexico and is registered by the United Nations as a wetland of international importance. Its estuaries, mangroves and tropical forests are teeming with life including many endangered species like jaguar, ocelot, sea turtle and river crocodile.

Almost all of North and South America's pink flamingos migrate to this area--in addition to many of 355 bird species. At Rio Lagartos a boat and guide can take you into a tangle of mangroves, a deserted beach,  a saltwater flotation canal, a deposit of spa-quality mud and a flamingo feeding area.  Spy on osprey, spoonbills, ibis and herons.

Later, visit the brightly colored Belizian-style village of San Felipe, 10 kms away, and enjoy fresh seafood. See Tours & Activities.