Street Dog Program Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan

“An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language".

- Martin Buber, I and Thou

Sensitizing people to the emotional needs and complexities of animals is the best way I can think of to help promote compassion, a benefit not just to animals.

Wildlife Rescue Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
When coatimundis are adopted as family pets, it seldom ends well. With naturalists at the Rio Lagartos biosphere reserve we have facilitated the release of several animals including coatimundi and cormorant. Other animals which have found temporary sanctuary at Genesis include hummingbirds, grackle,  hawk, parrots, egret, doves, owls, mot-mots, iguanas, tarantulas, snakes, parrots, cats and dogs.
Animal Welfare Education Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Over the last decade we’ve noticed changes in attitudes toward dogs and cats in the village but there is still a long way to go.  Volunteer veterinary clinics, guest donations and proceeds from our purified water sales have helped us fund spay and neuter operations as well as anti-parasite programs and animal care presentations in the school.
Animal Rescue Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan

By hosting veterinary schools, and working with local vets, Genesis has

 sterilized more than 200 dogs and cats in the last 12 years. That means thousands fewer animals and higher quality of life for those which have been sterilized.  Thanks to guest donations and our water fund!!

Animal Welfare Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Animal Welfare Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan

Ecology and Animal Welfare


To our detriment we measure the worth of other beings and ecosystems--and afford them right to exist--according to their profit to us.  But what could be more useful than supporting the ecosystems and diversity of life upon which we ourselves depend? We too are part of an ecosystem and if we destroy its diversity, we destroy our own resilience as a species.


Changing the way we perceive and understand the world outside of the human community is critical to our survival. The most convenient way to teach the value of all life is to start with animals closest to us. Interacting with rescue dogs, cattle, pigs, burros, chickens and ducks on ReGenesis farm helps children understand and respect other life.


Join us on a tour of our farm and conservation area. All of the proceeds go to animal feed and care.  You can visit our Zebu cattle and "Maya" heritage pigs. We let them live out their natural lives--as minor gestures of compensation for the suffering of their species.


Guests may also explore the 120 acres we have left in reserve for native plants and trees, deer, oncillas, squirrels, wild parrots and a variety of other wildlife.

Birding Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
We’ve hosted beginner birding workshops and participated as a team in the annual Toh birding festival, encouraging local youth to trade in sling shots for binoculars. We encourage guests to request the services of these junior bird guides.

Animal Welfare Goals

  • Teach compassion and respect for other life forms

  • Help put people in touch with their instinctive selves and to eliminate fear of nature and “wildness”.

  • Provide opportunity for urban children to learn about and appreciate animals through observation or interaction with them.

  • Provide a viable long-term home for animals that could otherwise not survive on their own. 

  • Learn alternative and humane ways of caring for farm animals and modelling techniques to teach others

Street Dog Adoptions Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan

Street Dog Adoptions


In over a decade we have found homes for and processed international adoptions of about 60 puppies and dogs from Ek Balam. They  have become beloved family pets in Canada, United States and Mexico. See for more information.

Spay Neuter Clinics Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
An animal-lover from Poland helps out as part of our work exchange program. We host volunteers, vets and vet techs on exchange when possible. For more information on the animal care work exchange or to adopt a rehabilitated dog or puppy from Ek Balam, see
"The Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." 
Civil rights leader, Mahatma Gandhi