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From Watering the Rocks in 2002 to Productive Gardens in 2014


More than a decade of building soil through composting, soil management and applied permaculture, has resulted in a lush, productive, organic garden which provides foods like coconut, wild greens, ginger and taro, and examples of indigenous medicinal plants and trees. From a rocky, abandoned plot of land, the property is now an oasis of life with its own micro-climate. We like to exchange with others what we are learning about traditional indigenous food production and permaculture and will often provide food and accommodations to people who want to practice and exchange ideas about sustainable agriculture and organic farming.

Close to the Earth

Sustainability Profile


There is no correct formula to sustainability that can be universally applied. Every ecosystem is different, with its own strengths and vulnerabilities. Being "eco-sensitive", therefore, starts before building, even before buying a property. It is so important to live on the land in order to observe everything from dominant winds and hot spots to favorite nesting places for birds and best soils for planting. 

Most every detail at Genesis has been recycled or extracted, harvested or produced locally. We use rock wedged out of the soil for foundations; palm thatch for roofs and recycled wood for doors.  We make our own sun dried adobe and grow bamboo for construction purposes. We find new life for salvage and use plastic bottles--that would otherwise be burned--as fill for stucco walls (below). Please ask for more infomation about our approach to sustainability.

Recycling Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan
Permaculture Garden Genesis Ek Balam Eco Hotel Yucatan