In north Yucatan it is easy to stumble upon unexcavated sites and remains. There were three times more people living in this area during Classic times.

Join us on our five-morning Walking Pilgrimages to untouristed sacred sites. 

We offer easy, guided walks to hidden sites off the tourist maps.

Hidden Sites

Go Your Own Way

A petroglyph at the entrance of a cave owned by a local farmer may predate the Classic Maya and may have religious meaning. This area is archaeologically rich yet short on funding. Investigating sites takes years. Pottery has been found here, indicating long-term ceremonial use. Cycle 2 kms on pavement, then 4 kms on shaded trail through cornfields and jungle. Easy, but curves and outcrops. Guide available.

This glyph near Ek Balam, may be Pre Columbian.

The Sacred Journey

Among the accomplishments of the Maya were a network of utility and processional sacbeob: white roads connecting cities and sites of spiritual and economic significance.  In the spirit of the procession we offer easy, guided walks to sites not on the tourist maps. Destinations include a ghost town with unexcavated structures, a jungle-shrouded cenote, ceremonial caves and petroglyphs.  The sites are simple, tranquil and untouristed but in this case, as all pilgrims know, the journey is at least as important as the destination. See Tours and Activities for details.