Life-like sculptures of royalty on the acropolis at Ek Balam were perfectly peserved under rock construction for centuries.

Archaeology Ek Balam

Yucatan's New Maya Treasure


Ek Balam is emerging as one of the most exciting classic sites in the Yucatan Peninsula—and it is just a stone’s-throw from Genesis. Older, and once more powerful than Chichen Itza, Ek Balam was the political and spiritual heart of northern Yucatan. Its acropolis is among the largest pre-Hispanic buildings in Meso-America, laced with stairways, hidden passages, rooms, and temples.


Relatively untouristed, Ek Balam retains its air of nobility, power and mystery. "The White House of Reading", commissioned by one of the city’s last great kings, features almost intact sculptures of rulers and sacred images., The gaping mouth of the Earth “monster”, edged with fangs the size of a forearm, marks the tomb where for hundreds of years lay the remains of a great king and his treasures.


Asleep for many centuries, Ek Balam is awakening little by little before the eyes of the world. With or without a guide, enjoy the tranquil energy and natural beauty of this spectacular site.

The ancient city of Ek Balam, in the kingdom of Talol, was not just a spiritual and political centre, but also a community with housing for the elite.